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Meet MAC Member Phillip Morris

Meet MAC Member Phillip Morris

Member since: 2021

Occupation: Vice President of Sales for Eberl Claims Service, based in Denver. He also is also known for being a connector, innovator, motivator, and speaker.

Resides in: Wauwatosa. Born in the U.K. (Air Force Brat), but moved to the U.S. at a young age and grew up mainly in Orlando, FL.

Family: Wife Lindsey and three kids under age 8 – Dane, Isla and Ariel.

Hobbies: Horse Racing, any spectator sport, world travel, cooking/entertaining and geeking out over the latest AI technologies.

Favorite MAC event: Social hours in the Elephant Room–“I could be a professional socializer,” he says.

Claim to fame: A client once called him the “Ambassador of fun.”

How he defines wellness: “Wellness for me is a whole body experience. 
Wellness and awareness go hand in hand–you need to be aware of gaps in each dimension and know how to use your network of accountability partners to help you balance time where it’s needed.”

All gas, no brakes is the perfect way to describe Phillip Morris. A client once said that to him and it just stuck because of its accuracy.  He talks fast and thinks even faster.  

“One of my greatest compliments was that my ability to execute appears to be almost superhuman. Part manifestor and part generator, I  can initiate and take action in such a sequence that others have a very hard time keeping up. It’s where I work best and leverage my social influence to create the greatest good in all that I do,” says Phillip.

Although he has a commanding presence and booming voice, he tries not to be the center of attention.  “I like to be the hype man, the second man in command, working behind the scenes like Lucious Fox to Batman,” he says.

Early in his career, Phillip worked as an insurance adjuster with Allstate and traveled to 42 of the 50 states. He saw everything being in the field and has scars to prove it.

Now as an executive in the insurance industry, Phillip’s speciality is finding hidden gems, solving problems and orchestrating memorable experiences. “Finding a greater experience comes down to solving problems – I think about how we can have more fun,” he explains. “Now one will ever outdo me when it comes to experiences.”

A huge Anthony Bourdain fan, Phillip was accepted to the culinary academy, but decided he didn’t want the chef lifestyle and pursued the traditional college route instead. He wanted to be able to enjoy food and travel, and not look at it as work.

When he’s not working, community and volunteerism is important to him. He serves on the Police & Fire Commissioner and School Board for the Village of Wauwatosa, in addition to coaching youth sports.

Phillip is trying to live by the mantra “Addition by subtraction,” but he’s no generalist. He likes to go all in and be an expert on multiple things. Currently, he’s working with a coach to develop his vocal abilities (though not for singing). Every year he challenges himself to try something new. Sadly, he learned quickly that he was not built for skiing or speedskating.

You may (or may not) be surprised to learn that Phillip played the trumpet in the marching band and loves Broadway musicals. And about his famous name – he admits that people often delete his messages because they think it’s a solicitation.

While he has worked in the tech industry in the past, his interest in Artificial Intelligence is just what he calls an “Unwritten chapter in my life’s work that has yet to be told.” He is certain that there is a lot more coming that will have the power to transform things for people on either end of the social strata.

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