Jenna Kashou

Jenna is a writer and journalist who specializes in lifestyle features. She is one of the MAC Makers dedicated to creating and capturing special moments at the Milwaukee Athletic Club.

Milwaukee Athletic Club and Lily Pad West Partner to Adorn Club Walls

The Milwaukee Athletic Club (MAC) continues to innovate in the world of private clubs. This historic Milwaukee institution re-opened its doors in 2022 after a $65 million dollar renovation and has been focusing on attracting new members and...

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Milwaukee Athletic Club Members Share Their Experiences

There is something for everyone at the new MAC, but don’t take our word for it. While it has long been known for its athletics and amenities, the...

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Milwaukee Athletic Club Golf Suites Help Hone Golf Skills

Nick Dunham can still recall watching the 1997 Master’s when he was four with his grandfather. He told him to watch out for the winner Tiger Woods –...

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Chelsea Krakowski at Round Table

MAC Member Profile: Chelsea Krakowki

Name: Chelsea Krakowski

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Staff Profile: Ms. Wanda

The playroom is littered with balls, dolls, and a long runway of colorful craft projects. Ms. Wanda is simultaneously bottle-feeding a baby and...

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Staff Profile: Kristen Uribe - Fitness Director at the Milwaukee Athletic Club

Kristen Uribe (that’s…oo-ree-Beh) is a multi-talented professional with a diverse range of skills and experiences. As the Fitness Director at the...

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A Century of Sporting Excellence: Milwaukee Athletic Club’s Signature Boxing Night

The Milwaukee Athletic Club proudly continues its over 100-year tradition of hosting the Annual Boxing Night on February 23rd. This year’s event is...

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Pickleball Excitement Growing at the Milwaukee Athletic Club

The MAC has a rich history of racket sports as a part of its athletic culture. Now, with the help and enthusiasm of new member Victor Gainor,...

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Perks of MAC Membership

For both new and older members, we hope you’re taking advantage of all the perks of your MAC membership. Since we’re always adding new benefits, here...

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Milwaukee Athletic Club Cold Plunge

What’s all the Hype with Cold Plunging and Should the MAC Offer Regularly?

During the Fitness Palooza event in September, I (and dozens of other members) took the plunge into a small tub of icy water. Why, exactly, would we...

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