Jenna Kashou

Jenna is a writer and journalist who specializes in lifestyle features. She is one of the MAC Makers dedicated to creating and capturing special moments at the Milwaukee Athletic Club.

The Elephant Room at the MAC

The Elephant Room: Milwaukee's Best Kept Bar Secret

The dim lighting, the plush seating, and the ornately patterned decor are the perfect setting for interesting conversations to unfold. The Elephant Room cocktail lounge is one of the most desirable spots at the MAC, but one you may forget about on...

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Rachel Gimbel

Member Profile: Rachel Wagner, LPC, MA

Member since: All her life! She grew up in the club with her family. She and husband Benjy Wagner joined together as a family in 2004.

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Halloween Hullabloo 2022

MAC Fall Events Preview

The weather shifts and maybe so does your routine. Fall is on the horizon and soon you’ll be smelling pumpkin spice just about everywhere.

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Jenna and her family

Navigating Labels and Finding Connection at the MAC

Receiving a diagnosis can be both scary and a relief.

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Swing2Win participants

Swing2Win At MAC

In June, the MAC hosted a first-of-its-kind event pairing high school students with finance professionals to learn about both golf and investing. The...

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Brad and Kristy Stankowski wedding ceremony on the MAC rooftop

What Makes a Wedding at the Milwaukee Athletic Club Extra Special

At any wedding, expect to find Brad and Kristy Stankowski on the dance floor.

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Milwaukee Athletic Club rooftop

Make the Most of the MAC Rooftop

The rooftop restaurant and terrace is undoubtedly one of the most popular spaces at the Milwaukee Athletic Club, and for good reason.

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Jenna and her husband thriving at the MAC

From Surviving to Thriving at the Milwaukee Athletic Club

Likely, at a few different points in your life, you’ll consider yourself in “survival mode.” From my experience, it’s about as unpleasant a place to...

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Aimee Murphy

The Woman Behind the MAC's Food and Drink: Aimee Murphy

Aimee and I covered a lot of very interesting topics during our rambling 30-minute interview–from wellness to ethnic roots–but the most important...

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Erickajoy Daniels

Meet Our Board President & Trailblazer: Erickajoy Daniels

Name: Erickajoy Daniels, aka, E.J.

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