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Meet MAC Member Katie Poehling Seymour

Meet MAC Member Katie Poehling Seymour

Member since: 2013

Occupation:  President & CEO First Supply.

Resides in: Fox Point. Grew up in LaCrosse.

Family: Husband Jeff and  2-year-old twin girls and 4-year-old daughter.

Hobbies: Tennis, traveling. 

Favorite MAC event:  Yoga on the roof and Parents Night Out.

Katies also uses the MAC often for work meetings, strategic planning sessions, interviews and taking care of vendors that are coming into town. 

How she defines wellness:

“There’s no balance, you have to just blend your life. So for me, wellness is a cognizant ability to stay healthy in all aspects of your life: mental, emotional and physical. At times, you have to invest more in one of those areas while taking care of both family and work.”

Katie is a tax attorney by trade, but took over leadership of the fifth-generation family plumbing business from her father in 2020.  While the larger part of their business is supplying contractors and industrial customers, you may recognize the name of their retail locations in Whitefish Bay and Delafield - Gerhard’s, named after her grandfather.

She has a lot to manage –  28 First Supply distribution locations, 4 First Waterworks locations, 15 Gerhard’s Kitchen, Bath and Lighting Stores, 4 Kohler Signature Stores by First Supply along with 1 Central Distribution Center located in La Crosse. Not to mention, a staff of 650. And also, three children under five years old!

Throughout the renovation of the Milwaukee Athletic Club, First Supply helped outfit the bathroom and locker rooms with the luxe amenities. And even through the pandemic, Katie’s residential business never really slowed down. “People are investing in their homes in new ways,” she says. “We saw a lot of people upgrading their bathrooms with steam showers and bidets.”

The pandemic also forced people to use the spaces in their homes differently. Katie is still seeing the desire for clean lines and bigger open spaces in the kitchen.  Other trends like new technology in appliances – touchless faucets and hot water taps – and a renewed focus on sustainability that tracks water usage are attractive upgrades for homeowners. 

“Our kitchen, bath, and lighting stores have had a significant focus on wellness and rejuvenation in the home, especially in partnership with Kohler. Post-pandemic, so many people were eager to create a sanctuary in their homes, even more so as we venture into places like the MAC for social and next-level wellness opportunities,” says Katie. 

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